Welcome to our unique collection of Wooden Alphabet Puzzles. These jigsaw puzzles combine both fun and learning.    Our brightly coloured jigsaw puzzles provide hours of  early years educational fun for toddlers and children to explore the alphabet.    Handmade from solid wood, each piece is designed to fit perfectly into little hands and to aid development of fine motor skills.       Our puzzles are inspired by nature and the world around us and cater to various learning stages and interests, featuring themes such as animals and offer valuable developmental learning through the play value that they offer.

Children's Alphabet

Dive deeper into the alphabet with our Children's Alphabet puzzles, designed for young learners eager to explore letters and spelling. These puzzles challenge children to form words and recognise letters, promoting literacy in a fun and engaging way. Perfect for nurturing a love of reading and writing.

Alphabet Jigsaws: Animals

Combine learning with the animal kingdom through our Wooden Alphabet Puzzle Animals. Each piece represents a different animal, from A for Alligator to Z for Zebra, corresponding with their starting letter. This educational approach not only helps with alphabet mastery but also enhances animal recognition and vocabulary.

Alphabet Jigsaws: Vehicles

Fuel your child's imagination with our Wooden Alphabet Puzzle Vehicles, featuring pieces shaped like various modes of transportation. Discover the London Bus, Fire Engine, Digger, Animal Train, Tractor, and more, each corresponding to a different letter of the alphabet. This puzzle is perfect for children fascinated by vehicles, helping them learn about different types of transportation while reinforcing their alphabet knowledge. Each set in our collection of Wooden Alphabet Puzzles includes individually cut pieces, shaped like different vehicles and animals, to make learning more engaging and enjoyable. Ideal for home, classroom, or travel, these puzzles make wonderful educational gifts for young learners. Encourage the joy of learning with our beautifully crafted wooden alphabet puzzles.

Alphabet Puzzle for Toddlers

Our Alphabet Puzzle for Toddlers offers a vibrant and engaging way for young ones to get acquainted with letters. With large, brightly coloured pieces, this puzzle is perfect for developing fine motor skills and letter recognition. The smooth, child-friendly pieces are easy for toddlers to handle, encouraging playful learning.